Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Day Care Kid?

No, not my own. I have always done everything possible to ensure that my kids are not in the care of others. I think that they are my children and the Lord entrusted me and my husband to care for them. I do send them to public school. We live in an area that has good schools, and my children tend to do well academecly and well as socially. We have always said that if there was a problem at the school that we would pull them out to homeschool, but so far we haven't had a problem.

I did speak to my neighbor about keeping their two year old grandchild next school year. The mother is a college student and works part time, so the schedule will work with ours. I do want to keep Mondays open so that I can volunteer at the kid's schools. I just like to get to know the teachers and the students and we will go and eat lunch with them. Sometimes I will bring my daycare kids to eat with lunch with my kids, and sometimes not. We feel like we need the money this fall, so if they will bring him just four days a week we might do it. We will just have to let the lord work it out!

Today it is a trip to the orthodontist. I am going to put a pork roast in the crock pot so dinner is ready when we get home. I am going to go bake some muffins and try to catch up on the laundry today. We need to go to Papa's house and pick some green beans so we can can some more. We will see if any canning gets done.

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