Monday, June 11, 2012


Well it is Monday.  We had Ashley's birthday party, Evan's birthday (his party is next weekend) and church and a family over for fellowship lunch on Sunday.  We had a busy but great weekend full of family and friends.  I feel great about what we accomplished this weekend and look forward to a great week.

In a side note, my niece is back in the hospital.  As you can say, the party is over.  All I can say is that I feel for her, not because what she has done, but because of what she gave up.   She could have had a great life with us, but chose differently.   I don't know where she will go from here.  Somewhere for troubled teens to be sure.  I will just keep praying and hoping that she can change her life and really let Jesus in. 

Enough on that note.  We are going to the beach on Saturday, so my goal is to not grocery shop this week and to finish up anything in the fridge and eat from the freezer.  I will combine my grocery money from this week and next to let us eat well while we are gone.  I will probably go buy some shrimp and fish from the docks which is so much cheaper than eating out.  We may go out once, but last time we it was so expensive and we were disappointed in the quality.  I would rather buy it myself and cook it.  We will see.  I usually bring alot of food from home, but this time I think I will bring a small cooler with milk and bring cereal and muffins and then shop when I get to the island.  I need to see what is down there because my parents go often and tend to store up stuff while they are there.  We will see what is in the pantry and freezer there and then go shopping.  Don't worry, I will bring my coupons.  I never like to spend more than I have to even on vacation.

Well, I am off to finish addressing Evan's birthday invitations.  His party is on Saturday and we are getting a blow up water slide and sharing it with my nephew.  We are praying for good weather!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Ashley's 14th birthday!  I know I sound old, but where has the time gone?  I remember bringing her home from the hospital.  She was so tiny and I didn't know what I was doing.  Now she will be in high school next year!  Yikes!  I am proud of the young lady that she has become and I can't wait to see what she does in the future.  I know alot of people say that they hate the teenage years, but so far I am enjoying them.

So for the birthday party we are taking a van load to the movies to see Madagascar 3.  When we are done we are coming back here for a cook out and cake and ice cream. The cake is a rainbow cake.  I can't wait to post pictures, but we have to wait until it is cut because it is the inside that will be so cool.

For a birthday party i normally spend around $50 to take the kids to do something special.  We have been skating, to the water park, gotten nails done, and movies.  We then normally come back here an invite the family to come over for a cookout with hotdogs and cake and ice cream.  It usually is another $25 for the cookout, but that is usually my total expense.  The birthday kid also gets to pick the meals for the day on their birthday.  Sometime it is some strange combinations of food, but usually it is pretty good.  The point is to make the day all out them, and to focus on them for a day.  We usually buy simple gifts and a few items that they need.  If they are wanting something expensive we will encourage the family to give them money and they can pool that and go get what they want.  I personally would rather them have one nice thing than a bunch of junk.

I don't think my niece is enjoying her run away life like she thought she would.  We tried to tell her that, and we tried to convince her not to act the way she did.  Unfortunately for her we do not have custody of her and if she wants to make other choices we can't help her too much besides talking to the Grandparents.  People have to some day learn that you have consequences for your actions.  You can't lie, steal and run away and then come back and live your old life like nothing ever happened.  You have to pay the consequences and then try to make things right, but you can't go back to where you were.  I don't know what will happen with her. It is out of my hands.  Prayer is the only thing that will help her get her head straight and get through everything.

Well, I have to get started on some things for today.  Babysitting this morning and movies this afternoon.  Yeah for us we live a blessed life because of the Lord Jesus.  He is our rock and salvation!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moving on

Yes, we are moving on with life since my niece left.  We are all left with a hole in our hearts, but she is 17 and we can't make her come home or realize what she left.  She will probably realize it one day.  The Lord God is deep down in her heart where that seed has been planted.  I am still left with guilt and the what ifs.  What if we hadn't let her get on the Internet, what if we didn't let her use the phone, what if we didn't let her have access to car keys, but truthfully she could have left if we didn't let her have open access to these things.  She was getting online at the grandparents house with a stolen ipod.  She made an extra copy of her car key without our knowledge.  We try here to let the kids have access to the Internet and cell phones, but not with sneaking around and with safeguards in place.  We try to have an open relationship, because we believe if you don't let them ever do these things they will sneak around and do things that are wrong when they are not with you.  We do let our kids spend the night with friends and friends come over here and they all have smart phones and ipods and are all on the Internet.  Yes, we probable let Brianna have too many privileges too fast, but when we saw it was a problem we restricted her on those privileges.  We never thought she would leave and I won't let anyone make me feel guilty for her leaving.  It could have happened on anyone's watch.

So like I said we are moving on.  Ashley has her dance recital today.  They are doing the Lion King and she if Rafiki the monkey.  It was a little rough on the dress rehearsal, so I guess the recital will be good!  After we are going out for Mexican food.   It is cheap and good and I just am not coming back here after the recital and cooking for a crowd.  I think Ashley's friend is coming and spending the night.  More fun fun!

I went to Aldi shopping yesterday and spend over $100.00, but it was also stuff for a cookout next weekend for Ashley's birthday.  It still seems like alot of money.  I also went to Publix and spent $30 on meat.  I only buy ground beef from them since I found out about the pink slime.  I know theirs is good.  I am hoping no grocery shopping except for a few fresh things for two weeks.   We will see how that goes.

Well, it is 9:00 and only have the crew is up.  I think I will make them some pancakes.  Pancakes on Saturdays are so good!  Have a great Saturday!