Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday quick shopping

I had just had a few minutes to run into Wal-mart today.  I am trying to cut the budget short for a few weeks to pay a few extra bills.  I have plenty of meat in the freezer, so I just got a few things to help us get through the week.
As you can see I bought nothing that was very exciting.  I got the ingredients for banana pudding for Steven's birthday.  I am making chicken soup tomorrow from the leftover chickens that we smoked this weekend.  Wednesday we will have grilled cheese sandwiches before we go to church.  Thursday we are having chili in the crockpot, that is what the corn chips are for.  We are going camping on Friday and we are having beanies and weenies.  I will need a few other things for camping.  I know we need some bottled drinks.  We usually bring water, Gatorade, and we make hot chocolate and instant coffee.  We also need to makings for smores and we might buy some chicken legs to cook on the grill.  Camping food always tastes good!  I need to go through my coupons and see what I have before I do any more shopping.  I have several inserts from the past weekend that I need to cut out and I have not filed last weeks.  I am behind in my couponing.  I have not really done any in the last month.  Oh well, I better get back at it.  I save so much money!

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