Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spending too much

I have a hard time not spending too much on the kid's clothes. I want them to look nice at school and have what is fashionable. I also have to look at them and want them to look nice. We do get alot of hand me downs and yard sale and thrift store sale, but we still have holes in the wardrobe. Yesterday I went to the Tanger Outlets with some coupons. I spent $75 at Aeropostle and got Ashley a bunch of shirts. I spent $40 at P.S. Aero and got Natalie and Emma a few shirts. I then went to Old Navy and got Evan some shirts and a pair of pants for $27. They had some good deals at Old Navy. I bought myself two shirts at Wal-Mart. My long sleeve selection is sad. Last night I bought Natalie some $30 boots. She is a hard fit because she has narrow feet. No yard sale shoes for her. I also bought Ashley a $25 dress at Marshall's. For what I got at the regular stores I did pretty well, but I hate spending that kind of money on something that they will only wear a few months and then they will grow and the weather will change. Oh well, they have to have clothes and they are happy about it.

We have to go wash cars today to pay for Ashley and Steven's mission trip. I am hoping that we don't have to pay any more money out of pocket. Steven had to take Evan to cub scouts to hike at the Indian mounds, so I am washing cars for him with the girls. Well, we better get some breakfast and go.

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