Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My grandma passed away yesterday. She was 95 and a believer in Jesus Christ. We will miss her but I think she has been wanting to go for some time. My grandfather died seven years ago, and I think she has missed him and wanted to be with him since then. Her passing was peaceful. In fact my mother said that she was arguing with her (she was so stubborn) and then she just stopped and was gone. I am sad that she will no longer be with us, but I am so happy imaging her in heaven with Jesus and my granddaddy. They were both orphans and I think they were so proud of the family that they built. We will all see them again some day.

Well you know that I have to post about going to a funeral frugally. We have to travel two hours out of town, so I got us two hotel rooms online. It is only $50 a night so we got two rooms so that we don't have to have someone sleep on the floor. It it supposed to have free breakfast. I am hoping that her church will bring food to the house so that we don't have to eat out a bunch. I am packing sandwiches and snacks for traveling and a cooler with water, juice and soda. So, we may have to eat out once, but not too much.

I still want to write a post about coupons and my opinions on them. I will do that after Easter.


  1. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I lost my grandmother at the age of 38 (I am now 60) and I still miss her so much I can not tell you. She was so good to me.
    I know she is with the Lord and that you will see her again.

    1. Thanks Roxie! Yes, we will miss her. I just kept expecting her to be at her house yesterday sitting on the couch giving orders (she liked to keep all of us busy). I know she is in a better place and we will meet again.