Sunday, March 25, 2012

Healing Foot and Spring

My ankle is just about healed, thank goodness. I have another week wearing the brace full time and then I have to wear it when I am out walking or exercising for another month. I am glad that it is almost well, but sad that it is not complete yet. I want to get outside while it is nice, especially before the heat sets in. We are in Central Georgia and it get unbearably hot here in the summer. I love spring and the breezes and getting outside when it is nice. In the summer I only go out early in the morning and sometime late in the evening if it cools off enough. We also spend alot of time in water, either at my mom's house or anywhere we can bum a pool. The kids like to go swim at the river, but I hate to swim in ponds and rivers. I just like to be able to see what is swimming with me.

I am hoping to sub a few days this week. The little kids that I babysit are on spring break. I also hope to get some housework and some organizing done. We will see how it goes. All of my meal for next week are either freezer meals or crock pot, just in case I get called in.

I am going to post later about my reformed way that I am shopping. No more coupons (well, maybe a few but not heavy). That is for another whole post. We have church tonight so I don't have time. Look for that to come later.

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