Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One of my least favorite sounds!

Monday night I was awakened to one of my least favorite noises. Yes, you seasoned moms guessed it. It was the sound of "Mom, I just threw up!". It is the thing no one wants to hear in the middle of the night. You also start thinking about how long it will take for the others to come down with it and all of your plans for the week are out the window. So yesterday I had two puny, puking kids and two well kids. The well kids tried to keep their distance and we kept cleaning and Lysoling behind the sick ones. We will see if it helped. The sick ones seem to feel better today so hopefully we are on the mend. I was so glad that I stocked up on Gatorade when it was on sale and I had coupons. I always try to keep a couple of two liters of sprite and some Gatorade on hand just in case there is a need. No one wants to take sick kids to the store or go to the store yourself when you are sick. I did go and pick up another pack of Gatorade last night at wal-mart just in case. Hopefully we will be in recovery mode today with no one else getting it.

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