Monday, May 30, 2011

Creative Fun

I don't spend alot of money or time entertaining my kids. We don't watch much TV either or have a video game system. We are too cheap for a big satellite package and I think too much TV warps your brain. As a result these kids get really creative with play. They were just dragging each other down the hall with a blanket having a great time. Earlier this morning Natalie got out the sewing machine and made some pants for one of the barbies. It was just something to do, but it was creative. See, not providing your child with every gadget and electronic toy not only saves money, but it is good for them. People at church always comment to me that they are amazed that these kids will just sit through church. I believe it is because we are not always entertaining them, so sitting for an hour of church is not a big deal. I will let the younger kids draw during the sermon, but they are still able to tell me what the message was and that is what church is all about!

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