Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping trip week of December 13

Well I did a small shopping trip this week to Kroger.  They had a special that if you bought four boxes of Quaker cereal (Life is our favorite), you got a free milk.  You could also buy granola bars or oatmeal and get the free milk so I got four boxes of cereal, three granola bars and one box of oats and got two free milks.  I had coupons for the cereal so it made for a good deal.  The rolls are for Christmas.  They were on sale and I had coupons too.  I will keep these in the freezer until Christmas morning.  Here is what I got this week:
I spent $49.58.  I am not buying anything else until I get ready for Christmas dinner.  Steven and Ashley are on a mission trip to El Salvador this week.  They are my bigger eaters, so the rest of us are going to eat from the freezer and just make do.  I will need to make a trip to Sams next week to get supplies for a cookie decorating party they the kids and I are having on Thursday.  I am also hosting Chrstmas dinner here with my family.  I think that we are having 13 people.  Not really all that many.  I will post what my menu is this next week.

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