Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going in half day

I am subbing half day today. It is for pre-K which is the age I like. Second grade was too talkative yesterday. I am hopefully only subbing for a few more times then the little baby will start coming. I love babies so that should be lots of fun and I will be able to stay home and at least keep the laundry moving and the meals started. The girls are looking forward to it too. They can't wait to hold him.

For dinner last night we had omlets before heading out to church. That is another way to keep the food budget down, breakfast for dinner. We will have omlets, french toast, or sometimes pancakes. We will usually serve it with fruit and sometimes some sausage if I find it on sale. Last week Kroger had 2 1/2 dozen eggs for $2.50 so that makes it a pretty cheap meal. I added cheese that we bought at Sams (we love cheese and Sams is the cheepest place to get it per pound that I have found) and a fresh pineapple that I got for $2.50. Cheap and everyone ate until their plates were clean.

Tonight we might go to Stevie B's pizza. The kids have a free buffet that the earned at school and we have to use them before the end of the month and not on the weekend. So tonight might be the night if we do not have too much homework.

Well, I have got to go and eat some lunch. The pre-k eats early and I am filling in after there lunchtime.

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