Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love being a stay at home mom!

I love  being a stay at home mom!  I have four children that are all school age and have been expected to go back to work when they started school.  I worked as a special ed para in the schools for two years, but it was so hard.  If I put all of my energies into work, then I had nothing left for my kids.  I hated having to take off when someone was sick or had an appointment (which is often, we have kids with allergies and asthma).  I wanted to be more involved in the kids schools and know what was going on better than I did.  I never felt like anything was caught up and I never had time for myself.  So, when we moved to a new town I decided to not go back to work.  I have tried subbing in the schools, but it is very hard for me to go to work at a moments notice and I don't like telling other people's children to sit down and be quiet every two minutes.  I am keeping a new born baby three days a week to subliment our income and trying to bargain shop as much as possible.  I want to try to show everyone that you can stay at home if it is your heart's desire.

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