Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I am at my in-laws house today. All of the kids are having fun playing outside, all of the men are hunting, and all of the women are napping except for me. I did go black Friday shopping last night, but I did not stay out all night and I did get in bed by 1:00. I went to Wal-Mart and it was crowded but not really too crazy. There were some people who where fighting for small appliances and some were fighting for movies and video games. The main thing that I went to get was in a line with numbers (I can't tell you because someone might tell) and when 10:00 hit we just went and got our stuff. I then walked around and got a few more things and then helped my sister get a printer at midnight. It was fun and no too tiring this year.

We are going to get our tree tomorrow and then decorated the house. I am hoping that I can keep the daycare kids out of the tree. We are going to hang most of the ornaments high so they can't get them, but we still have to keep them from pulling the lights and pulling the tree over. We will see how that goes. I might be a crazy person by then.

By the way, we did well with grocery shopping this week. I only went once and spent about $10.00 on eggs, tea and frozen french fries to take out to my in-laws for a fish fry. I don't really expect to spend much next week. Just a few loaves of bread and some milk by weeks end. I will go to Publix on Monday and use some coupons. Just a normal week.

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