Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is it broken?

Yesterday afternoon I feel and hurt my ankle.  What was I doing?  Nothing!  I just stood up, walked about four steps and fell in my living room.  Don't ask me what I tripped over, I  don't know.  All I know is that I injured it.  It really swelled up and I could barely walk on it so off we went to the urgent care.  They said at the least is it is a third degree sprain at most a crack in the small bone.  So for now I look like this.

Yes, I have on a plaster splint and I am on crutches.  I have to call today and see if the radiologist thinks that it is broken.  They showed us the x-ray, but he couldn't decide if the fracture he saw on the x-ray was an old injury or a new one.  I broke this same ankle when I was 13.  I didn't think it would still show on the x -rays.  You know that I am the big 40 now.  If it is broken I will go to the orthopedic doctor.  If not I stay off of it for a week.  Either way it is going to be a pain!  I really can't do much on crutches, so the kids and Steven are going to have to pick up the slack.  It is probably going to drive me crazy!  Steven said the Lord is trying to teach me to let some things go.  I know he is right, I will have to just relax  and like it!  I will let you know if it is broken or not.  

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