Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night

I am relaxing on a Friday night with my family. I am sitting in the living room with the family watching NCIS (which is the new favorite). We were doing Just Dance on the Wii. If you want a workout, try working out with Just Dance. It is also fun. Every time we have friends over the kids end up dancing. It is really funny to watch some of the guys. I need some relax time. The babies did not nap much at all this week, and while I do enjoy little kids, I do not enjoy tired little kids who won't nap. I told my sister to get Collin's ears checked to see if he that is the reason he is not sleeping. If there is nothing wrong with him I guess that he is just spoiled or rotten. Either way we need to nip it in the bud.

I am taking the kids to an animal refuge tomorrow if it doesn't rain. They are bringing a friend and we are hoping to bring our cousins. We never know if they are going to be allowed to go with us when we go somewhere. The grandparents are weird that way. We are also going to take a picnic. I might stop off and get them a movie to watch tomorrow night. I guess we will see what kind of mood we are in when the time comes.

I did really good with the shopping this week. I spend $6.00 at Publix and $28 at Wal-Mart. I price matched at Wal-Mart and used some coupons. The lady tried to tell me that I couldn't use both coupons and price match. I told her that I could, to just scan the coupons. She finally did and it worked. I don't know why some checkers hate to have you used coupons. All they have to do is scan them. It is not much more work. I often have to tell the clerks how to do their job. It gets to be annoying. I will put up with it because I save so much money shopping sales and using coupons. Combine that with trips to Aldi and Sams and I don't spend near as much as most of my friends. I also cook more than most and spend lots of time in the kitchen . We rarely go out and that is fine with me. I usually don't really like restaurant food and I hate spending that kind of money for one meal when I know that I usually spend that much for a whole week of groceries. Yes, I am cheap!

Well, the kids want popcorn. We pop it in the air Popper and put butter on it. Yum and so much cheaper than microwave. The kids are so spoiled with good popcorn and real butter that they don't really like the other kinds. I guess I will make them some right now.

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