Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is broken

Yes, I did brake my ankle. It is in a big black boot. I am just starting to be able to walk on it a little. It feels like wearing a ski boot. It is not very comfortable, but at least I am not in alot of pain anymore. I just have to be careful how I walk. If I turn my ankle at all then there is the pain. I am slow, but at least I am not on crutches anymore. Those things are a pain. I have to wear the boot until March 6 and then I have it re x-rayed. I hope I can go back to regular shoe then. I am glad that they did not cast it. At least I can put it in the bath and shower.

Valentines was nice and low key. Since I really can't go anywhere, we got some Chinese take-out. We really never get take out, so that was a real treat. Then we just sat around and watched TV and the kids worked on their AWANA books for church tonight.

I took Ashley to the orthodontist today. It was my first real outing by myself since I broke the ankle. We did OK but now I am tired. I hear a nap calling me. I think I am going to but clothes in the drier and try to nap for a few minutes. We have church tonight, but I am not doing the little kids. I don't think my leg is up to it. I think I will try to help out and listen for the AWANA kids to say a verse of something. Maybe I can be helpful and not walk.

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