Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Busy Busy

I am still here, just busy with life. We had strep throat last week and this week we are working on some colds. Collin had a cold last week and gave it to all of the kids. Love of a baby! I haven't been able to find any time to write right now. Nap time with the little kids has turned into a time of going from one kid to the next trying to get them to go back to sleep after only sleeping for a little while. I am sorry, but a 10 month old needs more than two 15 minute naps a day! The brother/sister pair that I keep have emotionally been a wreck. Their parents are getting divorced and they don't get to see their parents together anymore and it is really making them anxious. They are not sleeping well and acting out. I am just trying to show them love, that is what they really need. We have been reading books and playing! That is what they seem to need from me so I give it to them.

My kids have been busy having friends over, visiting with cousins, church activities, and whatever else they can find to do. They are really enjoying life right now and I am glad!

I have been doing pretty good with our finances and saving money this month. I am still not sure what to do about work for next year. For the past two school years that we have been here I have not been able to get employment in the schools. I have enjoyed watching Collin this year, but we need more money. I can sub next year if I don't get a job. I really don't enjoy subbing, but the pay is good and I can pick and choose day. I would prefer to get a job in the school system so that I can get paid through the summer. I guess I will apply and just see what happens. I will just leave it in God's hands!

Well, I guess I will go get some clothes out of the dryer and fold them before the kids get home. One more day until Friday. I am hoping to take the kids to do something fun this weekend. We will see how the weather holds up!

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