Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nothing Interesting

There is nothing interesting going on today. I say that because I like have our regular routine back in place. Kids going to school, Steven going to work, me staying here with Collin. The mother of the other two kids that I keep two days a week called me out of the blue the other night and said, by the way, I am not bringing the kids this whole month. What? I was counting on that income for the month. It is not alot, $300, but it is money for the kids to have some fun on. It is a handful to have three kids here under the age of three, but the money is so nice. It is a little cushion that we need. Oh, well. The Lord always provides our needs.

I don't have the baby today because we switched days, so I am going to go and volunteer at the school with the special ed pre-k. I was bummed last week to find out that the lady in that class who was going to retire decided to stay another year. I am still going to apply for something for next year, but I am not getting my hopes up. Jobs in schools are so scarce right now. I really want to go back and work with the special kids. Maybe something will open up. I am getting together my new application.

After that is church tonight and just picking up around the house. I feel like I lead a boring life. I wish sometimes that we lived in the 1950's when most moms stayed home and knew their neighbor. I hate not having ladies to go and visit during the day. Everyone I know either works, or homeschools and large family and really can't make time to visit much. Don't get me wrong, we have made some good church friends here, but I really would like some ladies to visit.

Well, I have to get the crew up. Justin (my nephew) is starting classes for his GED today. Wish him luck. I hope it doesn't take him a terribly long time to get done. He would like to take some college classes next year. Well, the kids have FCA today and no one is moving. I better get off the computer.

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