Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Goals

Well it is the new year and everyone is setting some goals for the new year. Everyone needs to make improvements in certain areas, and setting goals is a great way to do this. My biggest two goals are financial and and to do with weight loss. These are mine:


  • I hope to really trim our budget in several areas, mostly in food and household spending. We do pretty good most months, but I want to do really good. I am going to cut more coupons for our household items (soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.) and cook more homemade items when I can.

  • I want to pay off our van. It is a peace of junk van that we paid way too much for that has given us problems, but I want the payment gone!

  • Pay cash for another trip to El Salvador. We would like for Ashley and I to go next year. We would love also to add Natalie and Steven to go back. We will see if we can save or raise this much. We do not want to rely on fund raising and donations again for trips. We want to have the cash up front.

Now my weight loss goals and heath goals:

  • Ultimately I want to lose at least 30 pounds. More would be nice but I want to keep it real. I have already signed up for weight watchers online . New Years Eve kind of crashed the two pounds that I had taken off. Oh well, we start over today.

  • Get some exercise daily. I tend to be a couch potato. I do work around the house all day, but outside yard work and strenuous stuff I leave to the men. We have a wii fit and on nice days I am going to try to get out and walk. I feel so much better when I exercise I just don't like to make time for it.Drink more water.

I think these goals are reasonable. I don't like to make goals that I cannot reach, but these are doable.

On another note, the kids have three more days until they go back to school. I hope they enjoy them and don't get too bored. I don't really have anything planned for them to do. Natalie is going to Emily's house today and Ashley and I are going to clean out her closet and dresser. We were given two huge bags of clothes last week and we need to figure out what to do with them. Wednesday is church, so we will have some kids over for dinner and then go to awana. That is about it. Not an exciting week, but we will be busy!

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