Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last day of Vacation

Well, the kids go back to school tomorrow and their winter vacation will be over. We have enjoyed the break. We have stayed in our PJs until noon and played wii fit in the evening. I am looking forward to the return of routine. I am a routine kind of person wether I like to admit it or not.

The kids want to go to a fast food place today so they can play on a playground and the older kids want to go to the mall. I don't know if we will go or not. It is really cold out right now and our mall is outdoors. Our nice indoor mall has gotten trashy and is now not in a good part of town. I won't go over there unless we have to.

We do have church and AWANA tonight, so we can't be gone all day. I have to look at my lesson for the 2 year olds. We don't do anything fancy, but I do have to gather materials for them and a snack. Never forget a snack with little ones.

Well, that is about it. Tomorrow the kids are in school, but I don't have any kids here so it is vacation for me! I am reading the bible at church in the morning (we are reading through the whole bible as a church) then I am free. Maybe a trip to Kroger to use some coupons but that is it!

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