Thursday, January 19, 2012


It is quiet right now. I was blessed to be able to watch my little friends this week. We love having that extra money! We are trying to save to pay off our van and then buy a camper. We love camping and going on vacation, but I hate hotels. The beds are never comfortable and I always think that they are dirty. I would love to camp and not be on the ground. I would love to be with the nature, but not sweat all night. I would also like to cook and not be in all of the dirt and bugs. I know, that is half of the fun for kids, but not for me.

We are still trying to eat from the pantry. I have only spent $35 this week at the store and $5.00 of that was on a container. I may go back tomorrow for salad fixings and a few things for the weekend. Steven's sister is coming to town. They were supposed to come last weekend, but the little boy got sick. We are also going to celebrate his birthday. I told them I will make a cookie cake for him with blue icing. Yummy!

We are still trying to help my nephew with some of his stuff. He is living with my in laws, but they are charging him $300 a month rent. He can barely pay that and go to school. I am praying that we can talk them into reducing the rent. I keep hoping that we will find some money somewhere that we can use to help him with. He has no car and is barely getting by. We might add on a room here or let him live in the camper if we get it. We are just praying about what to do.

Well, I have to go stir up the rice and broccoli for our chicken broccoli cheese casserole for tonight. I don't think the little kids are getting picked up until 5:30 and it is hard to get anything done in the kitchen with them here. My kids help, but they have homework and it is not really their responsibility. I will share the recipe later. It is so good and easy and it uses up leftover chicken.

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