Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boy Scouts

Evan is going hiking at an animal refuge park today near our house. They have miles of trails there for hiking and biking, so the boys scouts go up there often. Evan is in cub scouts. He took a break from it over the summer, but now he wants to get back into it. I like boy scouts because they teach character and are a Christian organization. What we didn't like last year is that many of the boys were badly behaved, even with their mother or father with them. I think Evan and Steven got tired of them, so that was the main reason that they took a break. We are hoping for some maturity this year, ha ha.

I went to the MOPS consignment sale yesterday and got the younger kids some jeans and a dress for Emma. My kids have to wear slims, so I rarely find them anything at consignment shops, thrift shops, or yard sales. When I found a few slims I snatched them up. Evan and Emma are so rough on their clothes, that I hate to spend good money on them. I think spending $30 on a pair of kids jeans is ridiculous.

Well, I have to get up and get some breakfast for some of these kids. The girls and I are going to start some laundry, and then we are going to meet the guys at the park for a picnic. It is going to be perfect weather today with a high of 80. We just love fall! Then I have to take Ashley to get some tap shoes for dance. I tried to order her some, but they didn't work and now I have to return them.

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