Friday, September 30, 2011

Great Find

I feel pretty safe posting this because my husband does not read my blog. He has an old motorcycle that he likes to ride. I sometimes feel like he is living his second childhood, but then he really never got to have alot of fun during his first childhood (another post, another day) so I really don't mind. I think he needs to have some fun in his life. So, his birthday is next week, and he really doesn't like for us to make a fuss. We really don't buy each other gifts, just usually do something nice for each other. Well, he has been wanting a leather jacket for the motorcycle (you know you have to look right on the cycle). We have a local thrift store that is like a treasure trove. You never know what you will find. I like to buy from them because it does help the community. Well, I found a leather jacket at the thrift store today. They wanted $25 for it, which I thought was steep for a thrift store, but a great deal for the jacket. I bought it and we will wrap it up for the birthday.

Tomorrow is yard sale day. Let's see what I can find! I will post some pictures. I think my yard sale budget is going to be $25. With my husband's birthday also comes our tag tax. Yuck!

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