Monday, September 26, 2011


We had a pretty busy weekend. The church had a yard sale this weekend to benefit the people going to El Salvador and since Ashley and Steven are going, they had to help. We were at the church until late Friday and Steven and Ashley were there until 2:00 Saturday. They didn't make as much as they wanted, but every little bit help us. Then Saturday night we ate at my parents house for dinner.

Sunday my nephew was getting dedicated at my sister's church. We were all planning to go, but Ashley woke up with strep throat. I knew it was strep as soon as I saw her throat. We had a change of plans and Steven took her to the doctor and I took the other three to the church and after lunch. I hate it that we all couldn't go, but we couldn't help it. Last night our church baptized six people and it was a great service. We left Ashley at home.

She is up already and says that her throat still hurts, but she doesn't have any fever so I am sending her to school. After you have been on the meds one day you are no longer contagious. She missed last Monday because of the dentist and the older you get it is harder to miss.

I am going to volunteer with the special ed pre k this morning, then come home and clean up. That is about it for today.

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