Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teacher Conferences

Today the kids get out early for parent/teacher conferences. I have two today and we scheduled one for Monday because I couldn't work it in my schedule for today. Emma has soccer today at 5:30 and I already had one scheduled for 3:00 and 3:30. These teacher have alot of students to deal with and don't really understand that I am responsible for my four kids and three others that belong to somebody else. Oh, and Evan's teacher goes to church with us and said that she would just have a church conference in passing with me. Everything with him is fine. In fact, they are all fine, but I feel like I should talk to as many teachers as possible. I mean, they did make the time for it. I just like to show that i am interested.

The brother/sister I babysit for are gettting picked up at 2:00 today. Collin will just go with me and Ashley will stay here with the others. Yeah for having a daughter old enough to babysit.

I guess I will get going and get Collin up and take these kids outside. I think that if they are getting picked up at 2:00, everyone will get an early nap. They are playing and watching TV right now, but they love outside and so do I when then weather is nice.

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