Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yard Saling

One activity that we all love to do is yard sale.  Almost every weekend that we are in town and the weather is nice (we live in Ga so the weather is warm 9 months out of the year) we take in some yard sales.  We get incredible buys on clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, household stuff, and all kinds of things.

These are some of the clothes and shoes that we got this weekend.  The flip-flops and boots are for Ashley at $1.00 each.  There are two shirts for Evan, one for Emma and several items for my baby nephew.  Grand total $4.00.

We got this shelf for $5.00 for Evan to put his Legos on.  He already has the matching lamp.

Emma and Natalie also got Baby Alives for 50 cents each.  These are $50 in the store.  Emma also got two pairs of sanals for $1.00.  We often find birthday presents, stuff for school, crafts, you name it.  We couldn't afford half of the clothes shoes the kids have if we didn't yard sale.  Now, we do enjoy going to thrift stores and I find cute dresses at consignment sales and consignment stores, but yard sales give me more bang for my buck.  You do have to drive around, and you never know what your going to find, but for us that is the thrill of the hunt.

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